from Dr. James Michael Nolan, President of Southwestern College, Santa Fe

New World Order          What Therapists Need to Know About the New Order of Things in Ten Bullet Points

  • The world is changing incredibly fast
  • That doesn’t have to be scary, but you DO have to pay attention
  • The economy and Obamacare are going to lead to a new culture of jobs/careers in this country (they already are doing so….)
  • There will be fewer “full time, salaried with benefits” jobs, and more contractor positions because the companies cannot afford to pay health care benefits anymore
  • People (therapists) will have, in effect, several different positions, jobs (some locals here call that “The Santa Fe Shuffle”…) rather than one full time position
  • So, more of us will become, whether we realize it or not, whether we use the word or not, “Entrepreneurs”)
  • Entrepreneurs will need to establish, and promote their professional credentials, skills, brand, identity, and so on. Social Media, collectively, is becoming your new “Resume on Steroids”, to quote Wayne Breitbarth, Linked In guru…
  • You can choose not to participate, but consider that Social Media , believe it or not, is only 5-10 years old, and it already engages roughly 2 billion people in one form or another, and that number is only going up. It is only becoming more critical for professional success
  • The best time to kickstart your professional presence in Social Media was two years ago. The next best time is today
  • I have mixed feelings about sharing all this. The more people who ignore this clarion call, the better my chances of beating them out of that job when we both apply. But in this Aquarian Age, we are cultivating a consciousness of abundances, knowing there is enough for all of us, in this ever-expanding, beautiful old universe…

I wish you well…

Jim Nolan


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