from Dr. James Michael Nolan, President of Southwestern College, Santa Fe

Project Runway    Content may be King, but Creativity is the Project Runway Guy who dresses the King to make him interesting.

You may have noticed there are millions of Kings strutting around, especially self-appointed Social Media Guru Kings.

OK, they all have Content of some description, but they’re not all getting equally read, nor are they generating equal jing.

Creativity brings the Content alive, and sends it down the Runway, blowing the readers away.  Cool pic, exquisite humor, artistic choice of language, metaphors that drop your jaw and delight.

Yeah, dress the King in those, and you’re a King we’ll notice.

When you’ve got Content, you’re on your way, but as my mentor Dr. Pam Highlen often reminded me: “When 95% of the work is done, you are half way there.”

Content is 95% of the job. But you’re only half way there until you torch it with your creative spark…

Find your Inner Project Runway Guy, and that Content will launch…


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