from Dr. James Michael Nolan, President of Southwestern College, Santa Fe


Dear Mr. (could be Ms. Too) Social Media Guru/Expert,

We gotta talk. If the only way you have left to get us to read you anymore is through fear-based blog posts, you have lost your touch.

“Six suicidal moves in Linked In”

“You are wasting precious time and money on Facebook”

“Why Pinterest will be the end of your business”

“Twitter your way to irrelevancy and bankruptcy”

Come on. I am a Psychologist (for 25 plus years) and a student of this Social Media stuff. Your tactic is psychologically primitive.

“You, your business, and your life are so screwed if you don’t read my blog post, subscribe to my wondrous savior-ship, and follow me religiously.”

It’s just cheap. It’s low classed fear-mongering.

Vibrationally, energetically, you are encouraging  and focusing on the negative, and in so doing, you effectively co-create more of the negative. This is simple law of attraction stuff, which dates back thousands of years to the Hermetic Teachings.

So step it up. You have a lot to offer. Offer us prosperity, abundance, greater effectiveness, more meaningful connections, enhanced ROI, and so on. Any negative, fear-based post can be re-conceptualized and re-written in the positive direction. That’s the direction in which we are drawn. We don’t need you to create fear and then offer to “save” us from it. That’s bullcrap. And you know it.

Now, let’s get on with creating a ton of true awesome…

We know you know how to do that too. You just got off track a little…

(I didn’t intentionally publish this on 9-11, but it does not hurt, energetically, to have done so. That was the most fear-based initiative of this generation…)

Jim Nolan, President, Southwestern College, Santa Fefear_based_initiative_embroidered_hat-p233594958287082631bbi2s_324


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